Dr. Barry O'Mahony

Dean of the Faculty of Business at UOWD

Dr Barry 350Dear readers,

As Dean of the Faculty of Business within the University of Wollongong in Dubai, and as Chair of the arbitration committee of the Arab Investor Magazine/University of Wollongong in Dubai excellence awards, I am proud to present to you my colleagues and members of the Arbitration Committee for these important joint awards. Each of my colleagues is an expert in his or her specific area. Each member of the committee holds a doctoral degree and, in most cases, this is supported by significant industry experience and the conduct of cutting edge research in their discipline areas.

 As a result, my team collectively brings to the awards many years of experience and a specialised understanding of what represents excellence in a variety of disciplines and fields. Together, we will bring this knowledge to the development of the criteria for the assessment of award applications and ensure that these awards are presented based on the merit of the applicants and their organisations.

About Arab Investor Awards

The Arab Investor Award is an initiative with a clear vision and specific objectives, launched by the chief editor of the Arab Investor magazine in cooperation with the University Of Wollongong in the United Arab Emirates, to support and enhance the performance of organizations and individuals in various Arab countries to reach a global level in sustainability, governance and innovation.